Asbury 6-ounce Martini Glass

Anchor Hocking offers a wide variety of high-quality glassware products that are both beautiful and functional.   History’s most famous glass still steals the room’s attention. Shaken or stirred, have your martinis your way. Built sleek but strong, bold but refined, delicate but durable.

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High-class tuxedo nights or solitary armchair relaxation – enjoy the glass that became a 20th century icon.

  • Anchor Hocking Asbury 6-ounce Martini Glass
  • Enhance the appeal of any mixed drink
  • For fine occasions, suave dining, or chic entertainments
  • Traditional 6-ounce size for the fundamental martini
  • Dishwasher safe and built to last
  • Model: H037491


4'' diameter x 5.75'' high


6 ounces

*All measurements are approximate.